Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our hearts go out....

Our thoughts are with those effected by the floods in Queensland and Victoria at the moment. Not to mention Sri Lanka, Thailand and Brazil. We cannot believe the devastation we are seeing on the news over here. It's hard to comprehend, especially given it's the wet season here, yet we've had such incredible weather throughout our trip.

The news in Oz is close to home, and it's hard not to shake your head in disbelief. We received a touching and inspiring email from a friend in Brisbane. He and his family were not physically effected by the floods. However, yesterday they bought several hundred drinks, packets of chips and chuppa chups, drove to the most flood-effected areas, and walked around for hours handing out drinks and snacks to families who'd been hit hard. They also offered families a chance to debrief and express their grief. He could not believe the strength of those effected, especially the kids. In his words,

"The spirit of everyone has been simply beyond belief. This truly is the best of human nature in the face of unimaginable loss".  

Our friend is amongst many volunteers who are trying to help in any way they can. Such simple acts of kindness can make a difference to people. Even if it's just for a moment. 

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