Saturday, January 15, 2011

Apologies, folks.

Well aren’t I the biggest slack ass when it comes to keeping this blog up to date! Apologies to those who religiously check for new posts...I’ve been givin’ ya nothin’!! We’ve been on the go constantly since we left home, the average bed-time for the kids has been 10.30pm (YIKES!),  and we’ve been regularly booking accommodation through cyber-space, so there’s been little time for recreational computer use in my world.
Put simply, we left Bali a few weeks ago, so I’d better  get my butt into gear and fill you in. If I can remember. My brain’s so full of new, amazing experiences that it’s hard to focus on the good, old Bali days. But I’ll give it my best crack. My next post will be in tonight. If I fail to live up to my word, I promise I’ll punish myself by refusing the next can of Heineken that tempts my lips. Believe me, that will hurt.
Stay tuned, folks.
Dinner at Pantai Restaurant, Kuta Beach

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